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PT Oscar Tunastama


Stabilizer Tiga Phase

PT. Oscar Tunastama is a company engaged in the field of Electrical & Lighting, located in Jakarta. We are a supplier of electricity stabilizers, selling electrical stabilizers with various types of 3 Phase Stabilizers, Single Phase Stabilizers, etc. Selling 3 phase electrical stabilizer with its types:
- Visalux Three Phase 10000Va-3 stabilizer
- Visalux Three Phase 15000Va-3 stabilizer
- Visalux Three Phase 20000Va-3 stabilizer
- Visalux Three Phase 30000Va-3 stabilizer
- Chint TNS1 (SVC) 60kVA 280-430V stabilizer
- Chint TNS1 (SVC) stabilizer 30kVA 280-430V
- etc
Buy through us at competitive electricity stabilizer prices for your needs.